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Our Purpose and Mission

Vet -to-Vet is trained by the VA, but is not part of the VA. Our groups do not exist to discuss or attain a disability rating. We are here to learn about ourselves, our problems, and how we affect the other people in our lives. We are here to help each other deal with problems adjusting to life after having been in combat or other military trauma. We are here to help each other deal with problems such as anger, isolation, seclusion, anxiety, depression, and the need to use drugs or alcohol to escape from these problems. We are here to help each other re-learn how to function in society, and how to unlearn the things the military has taught us that prevent us from doing that. We are here for fellowship and our mutual benefit.

There are Four Rules to these Meetings

1. The rule of Safety. We promise to do no harm to ourselves or others.

2. The rule of Anonymity: What is said here, stays here (unless we hear of someone violating rule #1, in which case we owe it to that fellow veteran to help keep him or her safe)

 3. The rule of Honesty. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. We are not here to try to impress each other with our military or combat experiences. We are all in this together.

 4. The rule of Respect. Please arrive on time. Please do not engage in side-conversations during the group. "If we do not see eye to eye, we can agree to disagree.

Bloomington Group Meeting Location

IVY TECH Community College

Main Building

Room A-118

200 Daniel's Way

Bloomington, IN 47404

Thursday Evenings at 6 PM

Note: We are allowed to bring snacks and drinks to this room. If you have other questions please email me on the web site contact us page. 

When Ivy Tech Closes at 6 PM due to breaks we try to meet at 5 PM or take the night off. Check the website during times of doubt or bad weather and I will post it on the home page prior to meeting what the plan is! 

In 2011 Cathi and myself gave a presentation at Brown County

about vet to vet for surrounding probation departments and it was agreed a veteran could come to vet to vet in place of AA/NA once per week. (Monroe Lawence, and Owen County were in attendance)

Local Organizations who Support

Vet to Vet Bloomington

Ivy Tech Community College

Shiloh Pentecostal Temple

Turning Point Apostolic Church (TPAC)

Veteran's of Foriegn War, VFW Post 604

American Legion, Post 18

Peer Facilitator Information

Group facilitators are veterans just like you. We are not employees of the VA but we do receive some supervision and assistant from the VA to help us be as helpful to group members as possible. To be a peer facilitator all you need is the interest, drive, motivation, a commitment to sobriety, and some experience navigating the mental health system. If you are interested in becoming a peer facilitator, talk with your facilitator after any meeting or contact me through the contact page.

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